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Emotional Intelligence/Personal Growth

“The leader shows that style is no substitute for substance, that creating an impression is not more potent than acting from one’s center.”
-- Lao Tzu --
EQ’s Benefits to You and Your Organization
Beyond IQ Towards Level 5 Leadership
What is EQ and Where Does It Come From?
Training Programs in EQ
Empowering Employees to Choose Their Own Attitudes

EQ’s Benefits to You and Your Organization

Developing leaders at all levels of an organization must involve developing their relationship skills and emotional intelligence as well as their technical competencies. People are often hired for their technical expertise but are fired or are unsuccessful due to their lack of emotional intelligence or negative attitudes. Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc. offers organizations a time-tested, life-changing program called “Adventures in Attitudes” that will move employees from compliant, controlling, dependent, stress-filled, resistant to change, and power ploy behaviors to leaders who:
  • Commit to the vision and values of the organization
  • Foster communication and teamwork
  • Inspire leadership and innovation
  • Increase positive energy
  • Encourage healthy change and growth
  • Create a climate of empowerment

Beyond IQ Towards Level 5 Leadership

Researchers and scientists are confirming what many of us have intuited or learned through observation and experience. That is, human beings are emotional and spiritual creatures first who can learn to manage and harness the power of their minds. Mind refers to more than just the brain. Instead, it refers to a person’s overall level of consciousness.
Great leaders aren’t just their intellects or brains. They also use their hearts and souls as well as their minds. They understand the power of thoughts and emotions in creating results. Many teachers throughout the ages have expressed in various ways the fundamental truth that our thoughts create our feelings which create our behaviors and/or actions which then create our results. My approach is to assist people in becoming conscious of their own thinking and feeling patterns which stem from their values and beliefs and ultimately their needs. Behaviors are just the tip of the iceberg and a deeper understanding of what is beneath the surface can facilitate positive change and growth.

What Is EQ and Where Does It Come From?

IQ or “Intelligence Quotient” is generally referring to our linear, analytical intelligence. It was thought that “IQ” would be a strong predictor of success in careers and in life initially. We’ve later learned that IQ appears to be related to the minimum standards to enter a given profession but is actually a weak predictor of success.
Daniel Goleman popularized the phrase “Emotional Intelligence” with the publication of his first book in the mid-90’s. His research showed that high performers had stronger relationship skills than average performers. Goleman has defined emotional intelligence or “EQ” as a collection of skills which fall into 4 quadrants below:




Emotional self-awareness
Accurate self-assessment
Organizational Awareness
Service Orientation




Achievement Orientation
  Teamwork & Collaboration
Developing Others
Conflict Management
Research is currently showing the relationship between these quadrants. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) begins in the Self-Awareness quadrant. The more self-aware someone is, the more they are able to be aware of others and or manage themselves. The last skills to develop are our Social Skills which are dependent upon the development of skills in the other 3 quadrants. Self-awareness is dependent upon the willingness to listen to feedback about yourself. Being willing to really listen and hear others is also a prerequisite for Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This is the heart of the art of people-whispering.
This knowledge can be expanded into a spiritual intelligence that goes far beyond traditional ideas of religion or dogma. Many people are doing excellent work in this arena including the quantum physicist Dana Zohar, scientist Dean Radin, professor Peter Senge and many others too numerous to mention. Bringing it back to the world of business, Jim Collins became famous with the publication of his first book, “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” co-authored with James Porras. The jist of their research was that truly great companies are visionary and values-driven. This aligns to Dr. Zohar’s work around Spiritual Intelligence or SQ. Researchers in the areas of neuroscience, accelerated learning, hypnotherapy, and consciousness research are further adding to our knowledge of how we can learn and evolve more consciously.
The implications for leadership are vital in today’s world. High IQ alone doesn’t guarantee a good leader. High EQ is important and it may not even be enough. Sustained and recognized greatness in any field including Corporate America and any business is obtained by tapping into something deeper. If a leader is willing to know his or herself and his or her place in the universe, he or she can achieve what I call inspired success. Inspired success creates an environment which brings out the best in people such that employees, customers, and society all benefit.

Training Programs in Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

We can design and develop tailored or customized programs in emotional and/or spiritual intelligence to meet your unique needs. We also have a time-tested powerfully transformational program we offer called “Adventures in Attitudes.” Coping with the continuous changes of today’s down-sized, team-oriented, increasingly diverse workplace has left many people confused and fearful. As attitudes deteriorate, so do levels of commitment and performance. I also write about the importance of managing your mind and emotions in my book “A Guide to Getting It Self-Esteem.”

Empowering Employees to Choose Their Own Attitudes

“Adventures in Attitudes” is designed to help people understand that they can choose how to perceive and respond to events around them. They learn that it is in their control to change a negative mindset into a more positive and productive one. Using small group interaction in a World Café format, shared personal experiences, individual and group exercises, and facilitator-led discussion, participants increase their self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and social awareness skills. They learn that passive resistance can be channeled into high-performance energy within themselves and within those around them.
This time-tested, emotional intelligence program begins with an understanding of personality/behavioral style through the original DiSC assessment. At the end of the program, participants will develop the knowledge and skills to:
  • Increase self-awareness and affirm strengths
  • Learn to transform negative attitudes
  • Develop effective listening and communication skills
  • Overcome self-imposed limitations
  • Improve relationships
  • Achieve new levels of performance
  • Learn effective approaches to problem-solving
The program contains 30 hours of content broken into 10, 3 hour units. The program can be delivered in 3 consecutive days, or it can be spread out over a 10 week period depending upon your needs. We can be flexible to suit your business needs.
The program incorporates leading-edge adult learning technologies including a World Café format, interactive learning activities, self-reflective exercises, Kurt Lewin’s expertise in Group Dynamics and Leadership and the Zeigarnik Effect. Learners move through 10 high-involvement areas that are keys to increasing self-awareness, transforming attitudes, and improving relationships for greater personal and professional success.
These areas are:
  • Effective Listening
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Attitude Awareness
  • Dealing With Emotions
  • Understanding People
  • Attitudes of Personal Empowerment
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Team-Building Strategies
  • Motivational vs. Inspirational Power
  • Reaching Your Potential