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Our Process: Integrated Solutions

“The Master doesn’t talk, she acts. When her work is done, the people say, “Amazing, we did it all by ourselves!”
-- The Tao Te Ching --
Delivery Methods

As outlined in “How We Can Partner Together,” Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc. can provide you with integrated solutions to your people management challenges. From speaking to training to coaching to providing insight through assessments, we will work with you to ensure the best blend of delivery options based upon your business need. The following is a general outline of the process to determine the needs of your organization and to determine the scope of an intervention.

This process varies depending upon the focus of the engagement. While it is too much to outline every possible intervention, the steps for executive and/or managerial coaching are outlined below. If your need centers more around a keynote or training/facilitation session, the process is similar. It is strongly recommended that I meet the key decision-makers involved either in person or in a voice to voice conversation in order to understand their perspective on the business issue.

A comprehensive needs assessment can be conducted with a combination of qualitative interviews and quantitative data in order to develop a custom or tailored workshop to best suit your needs. Regardless, an understanding of the background and context of the situation allows us to deliver a solution that meets your unique needs.


Executive/Managerial Coaching Example for an Individual or Team:

The process generally involves five steps. These steps are:
  1. Getting Acquainted
  2. Establishing Benchmarks for Performance Feedback
  3. Introducing Key Skills Training if Needed
  4. Structuring the Flow of the Coaching Relationship
  5. Creating Ongoing Tracking, Measurement, and Feedback Loops

Step 1:

A get-acquainted, intake session is held in person if possible. This session allows us to get to know one another, to match expectations, to answer questions, and to determine logistics. If a team is being coached, an intake session will be held individually with each team member in addition to meeting with the team as a whole.

Step 2:

Feedback is solicited about an individual’s performance from colleagues, from “management,” and from individuals reporting to the coachee where applicable. This is usually done with a validated assessment instrument such as a 360 degree assessment or from qualitative interviews. For a team, an assessment of the team’s effectiveness can be a helpful starting point to be used for evaluation and benchmarking purposes. Individual assessments may or may not be used in addition.

Step 3:

A customized workshop may be recommended to further self-knowledge and skill development in an identified area. Many teams find it helpful to experience a customized workshop focusing on awareness and skill development in key areas desired by the team and its members. Through learning in the corporate training classroom, individual team members begin to become more aware of their accountability to the team and their role in its overall success, how team members communicate, how decisions are made, and what limiting attitudes and behaviors may be keeping them from greater performance and satisfaction.

Step 4:

An ongoing schedule of coaching is determined and is conducted either over the phone or in-person. Team coaching may also be conducted on an ongoing basis. In a group situation, the process takes place in a virtual teleconference format which alleviates travel costs and logistical challenges. Team members are assigned fieldwork between calls to take specific actions, to shift perspectives, and to try out new behaviors. Sessions are held weekly or bimonthly for maximum effectiveness.

Step 5:

The coaching relationship generally lasts a minimum of 90 days and can extend for several years. The length of time required depends upon the goals to be accomplished, the level within the organization, the commitment to the process, and other factors. Usually, a six-month commitment to the coaching process is recommended for maximum effectiveness.

Life Coaching Example:

If the focus of our work together is Life Coaching in a business context, I will ask for confidential, personal information as well. Rest assured, I will outline exactly what I need based upon my extensive coaching experience with thousands of individuals. The content of our sessions will NOT be shared with anyone in your organization including HR or your manager. Instead, I coach you to share your personal progress and professional accomplishments with the appropriate parties.
Likewise, I am a firm believer in living life as one integrated whole. In other words, it is ineffective to live a compartmentalized life where you are “different” at work than you are at home. I take a holistic, inside-out approach to personal and professional fulfillment.
This approach revitalizes your energy and spirit through a combination of skill development and leading-edge transformational processes tailored to each unique individual. You will be guided to your own wisdom as well as taught timeless success principles called “the principles for inspired success.” The result is an experience of greater balance, creativity and joy in your daily activities.

Delivery Methods:

“It is better to create than to be learned; creating is the true essence of life.”
-- Reinhold Neibuhr --

How Are Services Delivered?

Laura and her associates provide flexibility for learners by offering a variety of delivery methods. The client's business outcome drives the delivery approach. Delivery methods range from in-person speaking and training and/or group facilitation and classroom learning to on-line facilitation.

Delivery Options:

  • Live Speaking Engagements and Seminars
  • Group Facilitation, Classroom Training, In-Person Coaching
  • Classroom Skill Practice Sessions
  • Live Role Plays
  • Virtual Classroom Training via Teleseminar or Teleconference
  • Telephone Coaching with Email Follow-Up
  • Facilitated Conference Calls
  • Discussion Boards with Facilitators and Peers
  • On-Line Facilitation or Webinars
Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc. works with executives and corporate clients to ensure the right blend of delivery options based upon the client's business need. In general, the higher the emotional content of the learning required, the more a strong, trusting, partnership relationship is beneficial between the client and the speaker/trainer/facilitator and/or the coach. This is often facilitated by face-to-face interaction although it is not always required. We will develop the best solution for your needs based upon the business outcome, learning objectives, and content requirements of your organization.