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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
-- Joseph Campbell --
What Is Life Coaching?
How Can I Assist You?

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about attracting abundance into your life with greater ease, clarity, focus and gracefulness. Would you like to:
  • Have more success at work or in your career?
  • Create more solid and rewarding friendships?
  • Attract ideal clients or customers?
  • Create higher income?
  • Experience richer life satisfaction?
  • Develop and sustain deeper relationships?
  • Experience more personal as well as professional growth?
Most people would unequivocally say yes, absolutely.
And yet, many people experience unhealthy amounts of stress in the form of fearful, anxious thoughts. Stress can manifest itself by harboring guilt, blame, or in wanting to hold back the winds of change. Rather than strive or grasp for success, I can help you to more effortlessly attract inspired success by applying time-tested, values-based principles.

How Can I Assist You?

I assist you in living a value-centered life so that you can be an empowered leader in your sphere of influence. The first step to inspired success is to identify what you really want in your life. Values define what is valuable and meaningful to you. A value can be defined as: a principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. We want to orient your life around your core values.
We begin by looking at your life now and what is working. We build on the foundation of your strengths first. In my experience, most people have more difficulty articulating what they do well and what is working in their life than they do stating their weaknesses and what they are unhappy about.
I’ll help you to see the gifts you bring to the table through non-evaluative assessments which scientifically and objectively profile your behavioral and personality characteristics while I interpret your essence. Some of the potential assessments I might introduce you to include: the DiSC Classic 2.0, the Team Dimensions Profile, the Work Expectations Profile, the Time Mastery Profile, the Personal Listening Profile, the Coping & Stress Profile and/or the Enneagram.
As a life coach, my specialty is the art of people-whispering and effective communication. Most performance-related problems are the result of mismatched styles and energies and are “misdiagnosed” in the workplace. Certainly skills and experience are important factors for success in any endeavor. That said, much of what is I work with you and your team on is attitudinal and linguistic. I teach you word empowerment and how to “Build Bridges Through Language ”. All of us come into this world predisposed with certain needs and personality traits. Based upon many factors, we develop values and beliefs that create our reality and experience by becoming self-fulfilling prophecies. From our values and beliefs, we develop thinking/feeling patterns of behavior that become well-worn ruts or train tracks.
These behaviors frequently become habits some of which are effective while others get in our way. With awareness, focus, and intention, you can make better choices which will align with your greater goals. As a personal life coach, I can also assist you in moving forward and letting go of outgrown values and beliefs.Some of your values and beliefs just need an upgrade. Some may need a total overhaul or transformation. Sometimes you just need a broader perspective. Perhaps it is a broader view of what is happening in the new world of work. For instance, old Newtonian thinking sees life and its patterns as a machine. The Newtonian approach was to find the faulty part and replace it, whether it was a corporate or political leader, an organizational program, a particular institution, or even a significant other. The thinking was to just fix the “faulty part” and then the machine will run smoothly again. Many corporations and institutions still operate from this outdated mindset.
Today, the context has changed such that we must perceive change from a different vantage point to have a more effective conversation. Quantum thinking shows that change, chaos and unpredictability are essential forces which enable a system to emerge at a higher level. Polarities of order and disorder, and stability and change, are necessary in order to grow and prosper. Coaching is the transformational technology that can help you do that efficiently and effectively.