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“The more we learn about our natural tendencies, the easier it is to teach ourselves how to be good, how to be happy, how to be fruitful, how to respect ourselves, and how to love.”
-- William James --

Common Management / Leadership Issues Addressed
The Power of Understanding and Self-Awareness


Common Management / Leadership Issues Addressed

My Atlanta-based Executive Coaching Services will assist you in becoming as effective and as fulfilled as possible in your personal and professional life. Since 1995, I have coached thousands of people to become more self-aware and masterful in the way they use their mind and emotions.

There are ever-evolving and expanding tools and methodologies available today from such diverse fields as neuroscience, emotional intelligence, talent management, leadership development, personality assessments, the arts, mind-body medicine and the healing arts, psycho-spiritual development and more. I am an avid lifelong learner and synthesizer. This ability to draw from a wide range of disciplines can bring you in touch with the combination of tools and resources which will work best for you.

I assist you in unlocking your unique potential, growing beyond your comfort zones, and developing new skills. My clients have engaged me to assist them with the people side of various executive coaching needs such as:

Learning the fine art of people-whispering and effective interpersonal communication skills are two of the keys to successful leadership development. If you find yourself stuck in a middle management job or role in any organization where you are not progressing, executive coaching can increase your self-awareness and self-management skills. Once limiting beliefs and thinking and feeling patterns of behavior are identified, we can create a development plan tailored specifically for you.

The Power of Understanding and Self-Awareness

I also assist clients in understanding others through assessments and other tools including the DiSC Classic 2.0, the DiSC PPSS and the DiSC Classic 2 Plus report which focuses on “How the Person Relates to People and the Environment” and “Creating a Positive Relationship with this Person” and the Team Dimensions, Discovering Diversity, Personal Listening Profile, and more. All of these assessments can help you to understand yourself and others better by shedding light on how you tend to communicate, manage time and stress, problem-solve, make decisions, manage conflict and more. For more information on the insight assessments can provide into your own and others’ behavior, please visit our store.
If you’ve ever worked for a great boss, you’d probably agree that that person knew themselves, understood others and could partner with others because of their ability to communicate effectively. In the leadership arena, there is no substitute for someone who has mastered the art of listening and bringing out the best in their staff, peers, and even their “superiors.” A great leader or executive addresses others with respect, speaks to them in their language and inspires those around them to reach greater heights and levels of consciousness and awareness. Insights in and of themselves are not enough however.
Even world class leaders will tell you that having a coach can help to increase their effectiveness by providing the structure and the safe environment for the practice of good habits, personal responsibility and accountability.
I’d be happy to have an initial conversation to discuss your or your organization’s needs and how we might work together. More information regarding my process is included on this site under “How We Can Partner Together” as well. My contact information is or 404-327-6330.